Underwater Seafari

For a moment, forget about elephants, giraffes and lions as we let you discover nudibranchs, hairy shrimps and porcelain crabs. We will take you to a different experience of nature appreciation through our Underwater Seafari. Indulge in the richness of our House Reef and see the amazing world under the sea, or go forth and explore the surrounding islands for your water activities. We will deliver our promise to make your stay exciting and fun by experiencing different activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, island hopping and fishing.


One of the best activities above water, snorkeling is a favorite of non-divers who would like to experience seeing the rich marine life without the scuba diving gears and equipment and training required for diving. The whole family is guaranteed to enjoy this activity as we have available snorkeling masks both for the adults and children.


We suggest that one of the best ways to explore and discover the calm and captivating waters of Anilao is through kayaking. Get your buddy and paddle in two within our house reef.

Island Hopping Packages

Visit the beauty of the hidden gems of Anilao through our Island Hopping Packages. The islands offer captivating scenery and coves to discover. All island stops are perfect instagrammable photos and shots to add to your collection. Make sure you experience the other water sport activities like snorkeling and diving to fully enjoy your trip.

Fishing Packages

A calming and relaxing activity, fishing can let you de-stress by watching the stunning view of fishes swirling over you, or just by the reward of catching one. You can fish either in our house reef or in the Koala Dive Site.