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Marine Life

Anilao is the perfect haven for divers. Just a 2 to 3-hour drive from Manila, this quick getaway resort is located within the Coral Triangle of the World. It has 40,000 square kilometres of rich coral reefs and 2,000 different species of fish. Anilao is also considered as the “Nudibranch Capital of the World” and a destination treat to divers who enjoy Underwater Macro Photography.

Local Culture

One of the best ways to learn and understand one’s culture is through their food. Having a taste of the local cuisine provides insight of its history and the local’s way of life. Exploring their culinary culture will move you from being just an outsider looking in to actually experience being a part of the community.


Altamare offers 30 rooms for its clientele. We have created rooms in Rustic Filipino design with modern yet cozy and comfy rooms that boost a fantastic view overlooking the Balayan Bay and the Maricaban and Sombrero Islands. Experience our comforting and relaxing rooms.

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